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Recording and mix engineer based in Bristol, UK and co-owner of Axe & Trap Studios.

Alex Hurr has been recording, mixing and tinkering with all sorts of sounds, for all sorts of people for pretty much all his life. From an album in a weekend for Argitto Flare and IBePuffy, to the likes of the Paraorchestra (Charles Hazelwood) and the Royal Philharmonic and many, many things in between. Alex mostly works out of Axe & Trap Studios in Somerset, a lovely space packed full of some of the best equipment on the market and a great amount of space for a full band and rippin' dum sound. He can be found working in and around Bristol for the most part, as well as London and France (when he's lucky). With a background in performance and band arrangements; and industry/business knowledge, Alex can take your project from start to finish, or pick it up at any step along the way. Full project credits include We Climb Walls, Peldrut and The Suspicious Jazz Roll-ups, engineering credits include Tax The Heat, DA, My Name Is Ian, production credits include Jack Cookson, SCALPING, Argitto Flare. Alex works with Ninja Tune Records, Groundworks, BBC Bristol/Introducing,  Bristol Plays Music, First Publishing Ltd, to name a few...

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+44 7807 608746

Axe & Trap Studios

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